You might think of having a manicure or a pedicure as an act of pampering or self-care. If you are trying to slot nail maintenance into a busy schedule, you might not think of them as a particularly social occasion. Now may be the time to rethink that!

Alchemy & I is a social space in Palmerston North perfect for a catch up with your friends or family, enjoy cocktails while you chat as the expert team deliver the perfect mani or pedi!

Here are some great reasons to grab your friends and book a manicure or pedicure at Alchemy & I.

Put Down Your Phone!

We’re all guilty of looking at screens too much, especially if you use your phone for work. Set down the emails for a little while and enjoy a heart-to-heart.

Lunch or Cocktail Friend Date

You can easily combine your mani/pedi with lunch, so why not make an afternoon of it? It could be the perfect way to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a while and could leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. You can add on a couple of extra treatments if you to make a whole day of it!

It’s perfect for a night out

If you’re heading off on a night out with your friends, why not make the most of the occasion by getting our nails done before you go? That way, you will guarantee that your nails will match your outfit, and you get to spend a bit of relaxing time together before going onto a busy night.

This also works really well just before a special event. If you’re going somewhere extra special, treating yourself and your loved ones to a manicure or pedicure just beforehand is a great bonding experience, and if you’re feeling a bit nervous, it’s a great way to unwind. Remember Alchemy & I also has a team of great hairdressers so adding a blow out to your nails will make you feel amazing before your night out!

It’s great for hen parties

If you want to kick off a hen weekend in style, why not get your nails done as a group? It’s a great way to get into the party mood whilst enjoying a bit of a calm moment with the bride-to-be before the festivities begin. Plus, you could go for matching nails too.

It makes a great birthday treat

If you want to surprise someone you love, why not gather a group of people together and have your nails done? It is a great way to make someone feel extra special. If you know someone that could really do with a special treat for their birthday this year, this could be a good choice.

It works well for different groups of people

There are so many different groups of people that can enjoy a manicure together. You can:

  • Go with your siblings or cousins for a family catch-up
  • Treat your Mum to a special afternoon out
  • Gift a frazzled friend a moment of peace and quiet
  • Enjoy some child-free time with your fellow parent-friends
  • Bond with colleagues over cocktails and a nail treatment
  • Take your daughter for a pedicure for a lovely bonding experience

There are so many ways to enjoy manicures and pedicures as a group – why not book in today?