Waxing is a great choice for hair removal and one of the popular treatments at Alchemy & I in Palmerston North. Waxing is safe, affordable, and effective so it is no wonder so many people choose it as their preferred hair removal method.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love waxing so much:

The Results Last Longer

Longer than shaving, at least! If you’re fed up with having to shave every day, waxing is a really good option. The results last up to six weeks, and you could see some improvement in terms of slowing down hair regrowth if you keep coming back for repeat appointments. Hair is removed from the root, which means it takes much longer to grow back again.

The regrowth is finer too. Shaving leaves your hairs with a blunt edge to them, which is why you feel rough and stubbly afterwards. When hair is waxed, it grows back with a tapered end. As it grows back, you won’t feel stubbly in the same way you do with shaving.

It’s Suitable for All Areas

Arms, legs, upper lip, underarms, bikini area – all of these areas can benefit from waxing, saving you time with your razor every day.

The Results Are Incredibly Smooth

No more stubble or spots you can’t reach – waxing will leave your legs super-smooth. If you’re used to shaving, you might be amazed at how soft your legs (or whichever area you want to wax) feels afterwards. Waxing exfoliates your skin at the same time, leaving you with the softest skin.

No More Shaving Side-Effects

Shaving rashes? Gone. Ingrown hairs? Not a problem. Itchy regrowth? Nothing to worry about. Shaving cuts? No more of those! While waxing can feel uncomfortable, it definitely has some benefits. One note about ingrown hairs – if you tend to get these often, it’s worth mentioning it to your beautician. They will take that into account as they go ahead with the wax, and they will probably advise you to keep the area well exfoliated and moisturized afterwards.

It Doesn’t Take Long

Depending on where you need to be waxed, your appointment won’t take long at all. It’s also a very straightforward process. There are two main options to choose from:

  • Hot Waxing – hot wax is applied to the skin and left to cool and harden. Then the corner of the wax is gently lifted and pulled. This is particularly effective as the heat of the wax can open up the pores, making it feel less sensitive and uncomfortable.
  • Warm Waxing – wax is applied to the skin using a spatula, and strips of fabric are smoothed over and quickly removed.

It’s also worth noting that the aftercare for waxing is pretty simple. You should stay out of the sun directly afterwards, and avoid swimming, saunas, and hot yoga for a few days. You should also use gentle skincare products, as your skin may be more prone to irritation afterwards.

Getting a wax is simple – why not book one today?