If you are feeling tense or stressed, and 2020 has certainly given us a lot to be concerned about, then a massage may be the treatment you are looking for to relax. The luxury beauty space at Alchemy & I in Palmerston North is a perfect place to spend your me time and there are a great range of massage and other beauty treatments to choose from.

Massage is good for both body and soul, some of the proven benefits of massage may even surprise you – here is a quick list of the benefits of massage:

Relax Your Nervous System – Your nervous system rests as you relax. If you have tense areas in your body, these could be putting extra pressure on nerves, causing pain and discomfort. Having a massage to work out these tense areas can help to relax your nervous system, which in turn, could balance your hormone production. Stress hormones, like corticosteroids (LDL), decrease, which means it could have a real impact on the way that you feel emotionally. Meanwhile, happy hormones, like endorphins, will enjoy a temporary boost.

Get Glowing Skin – Massage causes a small amount of friction, which along with skin-boosting extras like massage lotions and oils, can give you a gentle exfoliation. This removes dead skin cells, encouraging fresh ones to emerge – so you can expect lovely soft skin afterwards.

Cardio Benefits – There are surprising benefits for your heart when you have a massage. Massage can increase blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to all your organs – including your cardiovascular system. If you want to improve circulation and regulate your blood pressure and heart rate, regular massages can help.

Treat Your Muscles – This is more of an obvious benefit, but massage can have a real positive impact on your musculoskeletal system. When muscles contract, blood and fluids are squeezed out. When they relax, fresh blood enters, bringing increased oxygen and immune cells. Massage can also help to relieve sore muscles, which is great if you have a reoccurring injury or area of your body that hurts on a regular basis.

Better Bones – Your bones have a blood supply, which brings calcium and other nutrients into your bones, making them stronger. In the same way that massage can encourage fresh blood into your muscles, it can also encourage fresh blood into your bones at the same time!

Boost Your Lymphatic System – Lymphatic vessels are found throughout your body, including the neck, groin, and armpit areas. In a full-body massage, the lymphatic system is drained. Having an improved lymphatic system can help your body in all sorts of ways, including decreasing fluid retention, and possibly reducing edema (swelling) in parts of the body.

Rest Your Mind – Massage can decrease stress levels, so if you struggle with stress on a daily basis, regular massages could make a real difference. Massage can provide clarity of mind, increased energy, and just a moment of calm in which to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Time out from the everyday is what is on offer at Alchemy & I, and if you need some time to boost your body and your soul then a massage from the expert team in Palmerston North should be your next stop.