Trends come and go, and we are excited to see the return of the shag (although we appreciate it is not to everyone’s taste!)! Now known as the ‘Shullet’ this is the mullets trendy big sister mixing looking trendy and on brand after a few decades in the wilderness, also known as #WolfCut

Hairdresser Palmerston North

At Alchemy & I, we know that the most important thing about any haircut is how confident and wonderful you feel after you have been to see us. This is a trendy modern style, but if you want it we can deliver a sharp wolf cut that is bang on trend and makes you feel a million dollars!

The new style of wolf cut is a world away from 1980’s lead singer from a metal band image and it is taking the modern woman’s business world by storm. Business at the front and party at the back is a phrase used by businesswomen a lot when it comes to hair, and this is a true evolution of that trend.

With stars like Rihanna, Billie Eilish, and Gigi Hadid sporting their own versions of this shag cut, fashion forward females are flocking to their stylists to try out this bold new look.

Fashion Forward Hair Styles

The wolf cut is a less extreme version of its old self with less layers creating a more natural transition between front and back. Soft and stylish these new modern wolf styles are almost pixie-esque in style but with a sharp edge.

With extra long hair being in vogue for so long, this is a change back to using a hairdressers’ cutting skills, to create modern trendy looks. Now we don’t think the long and luscious blow wave is going anywhere anytime soon but we always have an eye on trends and what is hot in hair right now.

Who Can Wear the Wolf?

This smart modern-day shag is very versatile and with a skilled hairdresser it can suit most face shapes and hair textures, even naturally curly hair can adapt to this short sexy style. This cut can come in a variety of lengths so if you are not sure about going short you could have it a little longer than shoulder length in case you change your mind later. The amount of layering and the symmetry of the fringe will, like always, depend on your own face shape and hair texture so talk to the experienced team of hairdressers at Alchemy & I about what you want to achieve, and they will give you great, professional advice.

Make it Your Own

We have seen a lot of this cut in natural hair colours but are just starting to see some unique looks with the wolf cut in bright or ombre colours. Whatever your style the team at Alchemy & I in Palmerston North can make you look and feel amazing about your hair!

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