New Year is a great point in the year for both reflection and trying something new, this year, more than any other many of us are looking for a fresh start and a way to increase our own sense of wellness and wellbeing. Starting new rituals for yourself, ensuring you are spending time on self-care is more important now than ever and the gorgeous new day spa and hair salon Alchemy & I in Palmerston North offers a great range of services to enable you to do just that!

Day Spa Palmerston North

Created with community at its heart Alchemy & I is the perfect place to spend some well earned ‘me time’ by yourself or with friends and family. The treatments in this special luxury space in the heart of Palmerston North span innovative hair treatments, relaxing beauty treatments and a range of anti-ageing treatments to suit your bespoke skin type.

Beauty Treatments

Start your new year by including regular beauty treatments in our luxury day spa, choose from a range of facials, massage, nail and body treatments that will leave you both looking and feeling your best throughout the year. Relaxation is key to wellbeing and by taking some time just for you and enjoying regular aromatherapy massages or stopping by to get your nails done every few weeks this will give you some space in an otherwise busy life to do something just for you.

Revolutionary Hair Experiences

Your hair is your crowning glory and how you feel about your hair often impacts on how you feel about yourself. Not only are the hairdressers at Alchemy & I experts in precision cutting, colouring, and blow outs they also understand that time at the hairdressers should be a luxe experience where you can relax and enjoy your time, in an otherwise busy schedule. The team at Alchemy & I can transform the way you look and feel, and you can even get delicious cocktails served during your stay.

Anti-Ageing Injectables

If 2021 is the year you have decided to tackle some of your more stubborn wrinkles or want to really enhance the way you look and feel, then choosing some treatments delivered by our experienced nurses is a great new year resolution. While fine lines and wrinkles are a completely natural part of getting older there is no reason why they cannot be addressed, and your skin can still be smooth and supple. From anti-ageing injectables targeting specific areas to dermal fillers that can enhance the features you already have or address any that you would like to smooth out, book a consultation to find the best treatment for your needs.

New Year, New Rituals

Enhancing your wellbeing is a goal many of us have for 2021 and one of the best ways to do this is to create some time to do things just for you. Whether you want to enhance the way you look, want a completely new style with a new hair cut or just want to carve more ‘me time’ into your schedule Alchemy & I has the treatments you need to succeed. Relaxation and ensuring you look and feel great will give you the confidence to achieve all the other new year goals you have set for yourself.