If you’ve booked in for a wax, you might be wondering how you can make the most of the experience. The team at Alchemy & I are experts in making you feel at ease, in our luxury beauty salon in the heart of Palmerston North. Here are some tips to make your waxing experience as smooth as the finished result!

Before Waxing – Preparing the area before you go in for your wax can make a huge difference to the end result, as well as your own comfort levels:

  • Trim your hair before you go – long hairs can be painful to wax.
  • Make sure your hair is at least 0.5cm long (for strip waxing) or 1cm long (for hot waxing)
  • Exfoliate the area 24-48 hours beforehand – this can help prevent ingrown hairs, which can be painful.
  • Having a bath or shower on the morning of your appointment can soften the skin and open up the follicles for easier hair removal.
  • Don’t apply any perfumes, deodorants, make-up, soaps, or any beauty products to the area that is due to be waxed.
  • If you can, try to time your wax for 1-2 weeks after your period. Your prostaglandin levels are at their highest level during your period, which means your skin will be more sensitive and prone to swelling.

Immediately After Waxing

You might have a bit of redness straight after waxing, and you may be feeling tender or sore. Here’s what you need to avoid doing in the first 24 hours to prevent further irritation:

  • Touching or scratching the area
  • Exfoliating
  • Showering in hot water – go for colder temperatures instead.
  • Perspiration and friction – avoid exercise to be on the safe side.
  • Saunas or steam rooms
  • Tight-fitting clothing
  • Sunbathing or extended exposure to UV rays
  • Applying products to the area, like deodorants, perfumes, etc.
  • You can also apply aloe vera gel. This can help to calm and soothe the skin. If you’re struggling with soreness, this may bring you some relief.

3-10 Days After Waxing – This is the crucial stage for avoiding ingrown hairs, as the skin will begin to close over the follicles. Hair can get trapped at this stage, which can cause ingrown hairs.

To counter this, we recommend that you exfoliate at least once a week. You can use any body scrub for this. Wait until around three days after waxing to begin this process and go gently – you don’t have to scrub hard, and in fact, harsh scrubs can damage the skin. Always follow up this process with a good moisturizer. This will also help to prevent ingrown hairs.

Follow Up Appointments – Booking regular waxes every 4-6 weeks can make the process easier in the long run. Your skin will become less sensitive over time if you have regular waxes, and eventually, the hair follicle will have less of a grip on the hair being pulled by the root, which means that individual hairs will be easier to remove (and less painful). You may also experience less hair growth if you keep up your appointments!