Your hair is important, and a good hairdresser will know that a great hairstyle can make you feel more confident and ready to face the world. We know that nurturing a good relationship with a new hairdresser can sometimes take time because your hair is integral to your personality, your style, your fashion and you want to get it right!

Hairdresser Palmerston North

The Alchemy & I team have the experience to listen to what you want and then give you the best advice on how to achieve not only the look that you want but also the look that is right for your hair type to keep it looking better for longer. The hairdressers at Alchemy & I know how to translate your ideas into your hair.

Exciting Hair Salon

Our Palmerston North Hair Salon is a great place to pop by if you have been thinking of having a dramatic departure from your current look. A face to face consultation is the best way to have a chat about what you want to achieve for before you book your hair appointment. The Alchemy & I team are happy to discuss everything from a slightly shorter cut or different parting and also a complete colour change, crazy bright colours or balayage and other techniques.

Consultation First

If you are coming to see the Alchemy & I team in Palmerston North for a hair consultation, there are some things to consider. Firstly, while you are chatting to them about what you would like they will take some time to look at your hair condition including its thickness, length, and current colour. If you already have highlights, lowlights or an all over colour, they will ask what you have had done before and if you would like to keep up colour on your hair then a patch test may be required.

Your new hairdresser will ask how your new ideal hairstyle differs from the one you have now. We encourage you to bring some images you have seen from magazines, Instagram or Pinterest. This will let your stylist understand exactly where you want your hair to be and the best way forward to get your hair there. The bigger and more dramatic the transformation, the longer the consultation will need to be.

Hair Style Images are Best

Explaining the colour to your new hair stylist will never be as useful as a picture so you can show them the exact shade you are thinking of. Bring this picture, whether it is a magazine image or an image on your phone, to both the consultation and the actual hair appointment.

The creative team at Alchemy & I in Palmerston are very talented, creative and visual people and they will be able to respond to pictures in a much better way than a description. A good hairstylist will advise you right away if the change you want to make is possible and they will also offer ideas and suggestions for you to make the most out of your hair type and face shape.

Palmerston North Hair Salon

For a consultation about a big or small change to your hair style, pop into see the experienced team at Alchemy & I in Palmerston North with your ideas and then book an appointment to get the hair you have always wanted in a great new hair salon.