In these strange times relaxation is more important than ever, and there are few things more calming that a massage in the luxe surroundings of Alchemy & I Palmerston North. If you want a deep massage, a hot stone massage is a great choice. It uses oils, warm basalt, and cold marble stones to completely relax your muscles. You can go for a back massage or a full-body massage – it’s up to you.

The biggest question is just how relaxing is a hot stone massage? The short answer is – very!

How Do Hot Stone Massages Work?

The hot stones are coated in oils and placed at strategic points on your back, or if you’ve gone for a full-body massage, they will place them on the palms of your hand as well as on your legs. The heat relaxes your muscles and helps you to feel comforted.

The therapist will hold the stones and use gliding motions on the back, legs, neck, and shoulders. This will allow them to deeply massage the tissues, which is great if you’re suffering from a lot of tension.

It shouldn’t be painful, but rather deeply relaxing. If the stones feel too hot for you, let your therapist know straight away. Hot stone massages usually last for either 60 or 90 minutes. Your therapist may recommend that you come back for repeat sessions.

What Are Hot Stone Massages Good For?

Firstly, it may surprise you to find out that hot stone massages are good for your mind as well as your body.

Each stone is placed in turn on your back, placed on the chakra points. Chakra, which means ‘wheel’, refers to the energy points in your body. It sounds complex, and some believe that there are up to 114 different chakras. The main 7 are located along your spine. By strategic placement of hot stones, the energy centres are balanced. You may come away feeling calm and content.

Of course, it’s also great for your body. Hot stone massages encourage lymph flow, to help your body flush out waste. It soothes any muscle aches that you may have. If you’ve been hunched over your desk all day, it can really help to relieve any muscle tension in your neck and shoulders. It’s comforting and relaxing.

It’s also great if you’re the kind of person who really feels the cold in the autumn and winter months. It really warms you up from the inside out, and it feels comforting too.

Who Can Benefit from a Hot Stone Massage?

A lot of people can benefit from a hot stone massage, including:

  • People suffering with stress or anxiety – it can help you to feel calm and relaxed
  • People with muscular pain, rheumatic or arthritic conditions, fibromyalgia, and back pain
  • People who struggle with insomnia
  • People with certain autoimmune diseases

It also feels incredibly relaxing. You can enjoy the feeling of being pampered, whilst completely switching off from the outside world for a little while.