Have you ever wondered how often you should get your hair cut? This is a common question, but it has a more complex answer than you might think! The truth is, it ultimately depends on your hairstyle, type, and how long you are willing to go before you get that sharp just-left-the-salon look again!

Ask Your Hairdresser

The best person to ask how often you should have your hair cut is, of course, your hairdresser. The brilliant and experienced team of hair experts at Alchemy & I in Palmerston North always give great honest advice on all aspect of your hair.

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But, if you haven’t popped in to see the Alchemists for a while, here is a quick overview of what you need to know:

Long Hair – If you’ve got longer hair, anything from below the shoulders to waist-length locks, providing your hair is healthy, you can get away with waiting longer between cuts. Longer hair can wait longer for a cut, around 12 weeks between trims. This is perfect if you are trying to grow your hair too. Contrary to popular belief, cutting it more often won’t help it to grow faster, but a trim every three months will help keep those split ends in check.

Bobs – Bobs can look incredible when they are well maintained. These haircuts need to look sharp to be effective and can grow out of shape quickly. Regular trimming every six weeks or so is required to keep them in shape and how you intended.

Tight Curls – If you have a head full of beautiful curls, you can get away with longer between cuts – every two to three months should be enough to deal with any damaged hair at the ends. Shorter styles with curls, like the bobs above, will need more regular maintenance.

Damaged Hair – If you have fine, thin hair that is prone to breakages or heat damage, you will want to visit your hairdresser more often to keep it looking healthy and shiny – around every six weeks or so.

Healthy Hair – If you have naturally glossy, strong hair, you can get away with longer between cuts, with a visit every 12 weeks or so to keep it looking neat and tidy. As long as you continue to take care of it, you can enjoy pretty low-maintenance tresses.

Fringes/Bangs – If you have a fringe, you’ll already know how fast they can grow. Regular fringe trims are essential, so talk to your Alchemist about how often you will need to pop in for a quick trim. You may need to go back as often as once a month.

Layers – If you have layers in your hair, you’ll want to get your hair cut regularly to maintain the shape and style. Six to eight weeks should be enough time to deal with any split ends or heat damage whilst keeping your layers looking healthy and bouncy.

Pixie Cuts – Super-short hair requires regular care to keep it looking nice and neat – around once a month to once every six weeks (depending on length and style).

‘Difficult’ Hair – If you have hair that you like to keep in order using heated tools, you’ll need to revisit the hairdresser often to deal with split ends and breakages caused by heat damage – every six weeks or so. Plus, consider booking in for a deep conditioning treatment every now and then, which can help mitigate some heat damage!