Addicted to pedicures? So are we! A relaxing, therapeutic treatment, pedicures are a wonderful treat, especially in our luxury day spa in Palmerston North. But how often should you have a pedicure, and is there an optimum time between treatments to keep your feet feeling soft and smooth?

Pedicures in Palmerston North

For Regular Maintenance – You can book a pedicure every 4-5 weeks. This is just the right amount of time for most people. You can maintain the softness at home using moisturisers and exfoliators, which can help. However, to maintain that baby-soft, just-left-the-salon feeling, once a month is a pretty good time frame to go for.

For Intensive Treatment – As well as keeping your feet feeling nice and soft, you should go every 3-4 weeks if there is a specific problem you’d like to treat: for example, cracked heels, corns, or very dry skin. Chat to your practitioner to see what they think – they may think it’s best to come in every three weeks if you are trying to treat a specific problem.

Can You Have Too Many Pedicures?

Can you come in too often? That is a good question. If your feet are being exfoliated during a pedicure, this can cause problems. Exfoliation is excellent at removing tough, hard skin, but it can be too aggressive for regular treatment, especially for sensitive skin. Don’t go too hard on exfoliation in between appointments, and you should be fine. If you start to feel sensitive, advise your therapist, who will adapt the treatment for your needs.

What About Nail Maintenance?

You may be wondering how to maintain your nails. No one wants to live with untidy chipped nail varnish, after all. Gel nails will need to be treated every three weeks or so, although your practitioner will help you figure out the best schedule. As your natural nails begin to grow, you will need to have the gel nails soaked and removed before they are reapplied.

What Can I Do While I Wait for My Next Appointment?

You can maintain your lovely soft feet at home by moisturising them regularly. This is a crucial component of soft feet. Apply moisturiser at night before bed and pop a pair of socks on – this will help to contain the moisturiser, stopping it from rubbing off on your sheets, and you should wake up with lovely soft feet. You can also exfoliate in between but be careful not to overdo it (as mentioned above).

You can also enjoy some relaxation at home by soaking your feet in a warm bowl of water and maybe adding some essential oils!

Can I Book My Appointments Ahead of Schedule?

Yes! If you’d rather book a block of appointments in one go, that’s fine Alchemy & I has an easy to use online booking system so you can book your own set of appointments or chat with our friendly team to get you booked in.