The new year is a great time to shake things up, especial with the 2021 hair trends below. Many people will be making some changes this year, from getting fit, to learning a new skill, to giving up bad habits. Sometimes, though, you need a bit of an ‘external’ pick-me-up to start on the right foot, and a new hairstyle could be the boost you need.

Hair Salon Palmerston North

The team at Alchemy & I in Palmerston North are experts in all thing’s hair & beauty, from a new cut, colour, or a regular blow out they can transform the way you look & feel this year! If you’re looking for something new, here’s a quick rundown of the biggest hair trends for 2021:

Lovely Layers

While blunt edges and one-length cuts have been in trend for a while, we may see the return of layers this year. If you want a more natural look, go for long, subtle layers to add a bit of movement and texture without being too obvious.

Bold Accessories

While scrunchies, barrettes and other accessories have been in style for a long time, they are not going anywhere in 2021. Hair accessories are getting bolder and bigger. With designers like Chanel coming out with beautiful clips, slides, and headbands, you can expect to see some great-looking high street dupes out there.

Pixie Cuts

If you have always wanted a pixie cut but haven’t built up the courage, 2021 could be your year. More and more people are going super-short. If you still want a bit of length around your face, a pixie cut with a long fringe could be the ideal solution.

Natural Hair

The last couple of years have seen many people embracing their natural hair texture. We love this, and we’re happy to say that this movement is set to grow. Natural hair looks beautiful, especially if you take care of it properly – rather than spending hours straightening or curling your hair, why not just let your natural hair loose? It could save you a lot of time in the mornings, too.

Generally, low-maintenance, fuss-free looks are very much in style for 2021. It’s less about intricate hairstyles and more about embracing your natural style.

High Gloss

If you want the glam look, sleek, glossy hair is still very much in style for 2021. It’s possible to achieve glossy hair at home, by taking excellent care of it (as well as taking great care of yourself). Use a hair mask, get regular trims, and make sure you get enough Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to increase the likelihood of achieving shiny, swishy hair.

Natural Highlights

While we’d all love to jet off to sunnier climates, most of us are stuck close to home this winter. Still, you can still get that ‘sunkissed’ look by embracing very subtle, natural highlights. Ask for highlights where the sun would naturally hit your hair – this will emulate the natural sun-kissed look that you would otherwise have from a nice beach holiday.

Bold Colours

Want something really different? 2021 is the time to embrace your individuality, with bright and pastel hair colours very much in style. There will be a strong focus on expressing your own individual style in 2021, so why not try something new? Semi-permanent dyes can be a good way to go – your own hairdresser will be able to tell you more about the process of dying your hair.