If you are looking for a new hair or beauty style that will last through Autumn and into winter, these are the top trends you need to look at. From hairstyles to colours to the best makeup tips, these trends will last the year and keep you looking great.

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Maximising your Fringe

One of the significant trends of the last few years has been bangs in any shape or form. And a continuation of the trend this year involves maximising your fringe. It is a great way to change your look without losing the hair length you worked so hard to grow!

Thick and full fringes are particularly popular and work well with any hair length, from the short bob to long styles. It also makes for a quick way to change your look during the year by simply altering the length of your fringe.

Smoke, Pearl, & Silver

In terms of colours, there’s been a move towards shades that were once more associated with older age groups, and that’s continuing this year. From smoke to pearl or even silvery shades, there’s a growing love for colours that are unique and different from the usual reds and blonds.

The smoke trend is particularly notable and sees hair colours head towards the ashier shades of blonde. They work well with sandy tonal highlights or a strong golden blonde as well.

Scalp Care

Styling hair is one thing, but caring for your hair is just as essential, and this year’s trend is to remember the foundation of all of this – your scalp. Scalp care has become very important as people realise that you risk the whole quality of your hair without it.

Adding exfoliating products to a haircare regime is one example of allowing the scalp to renew itself naturally and unclog hair particles. This allows for new hair growth and hair that better copes with styling.

Gemstone Eye Makeup

In the makeup trends, gemstone colours are trendy and continue to be so into the rest of this year. Smoky and sultry eyes using strong colour alongside neutral, warm tones work well during any season. Glamorous effects can be achieved with colours like emerald green and gold or bronze.

Scarlet Lipstick

Red may not be a revolutionary colour for lipstick, but it is definitely on trend for this year. But there’s a big emphasis on texture and colour, with super matte or glossy being the most popular. All berry tones will be popular, with red being the favourite.

Feathery Eyebrows

If you want to do something different with your brows this year, the feathery look could be for you. Light feathered brows offer a natural definition, and there are loads of great products available to help you achieve the look.

Holistic Skincare

Finally, as we all start to do more and enjoy our restored freedoms, taking care of skin with the stresses it will receive is a big trend. From what goes into the system to how you take care of the different parts of the body, the emphasis is on looking at your body as a whole and seeing what it needs.