Balayage is a hairdressing technique that is taking the colour world by storm and it is one of the specialist hair services available at Alchemy & I in Palmerston North. Now one of the most popular ways to add a natural colour to your hair, it is a timeless technique that’s has found its way back into popular fashion. The expert team at Alchemy & I are specialists in creating Balayage and can create the look you want to achieve.

What is Balayage

In the hairdressing world Balayage is now quite a common term, but that has not always been the case. A French word that actually translates as ‘to sweep’ is a great way to describe this hair colouring application. One of the main benefits of Balayage is that the colour is hand painted onto the hair, this means that there is no fixed or obvious line between the colour and the regrowth. This allows for a true blended look offering a more natural approach to colour and less noticeable regrowth. Because Balayage is hand painted on, an experienced hair colourist can add lovely light and shade which can add texture and depth to any hair type. Perfect for busy modern women, this is a great colour technique which can go for longer between appointments.

Balayage Appointments at Alchemy & I

The time needed for a Balayage appointment can vary. As with most hair techniques the appointment length depends on the length, thickness, and condition of the hair to be coloured along with the complexity of the treatment needed. If any colour correction, pre-lightening or other hair preparation work is needed this can also add to the time needed for the balayage appointment. The depth and complexity of the Balayage required can also vary enormously, going from a few high or low lights to different tones across the whole hair. Having a hair consultation to discuss exactly what you are looking for will make sure you get what you are looking for.

Is Balayage Different to Other Techniques

Balayage is different to other techniques mainly because it is a hand painted colouring that has not been used in hair salons for many years. It does not use foils and relies on the skill of the hair colourist to be able to apply the colour in the right places for the right result, it is a much more artistic approach than many other colouring techniques. Because it is hand painted and freestyle Balayage gives a much more natural look, avoids any striped effect and is often done in colours that compliment your natural shades.

Balayage is Popular

With its natural look, less time needed between appointments and great results it is no wonder Balayage is increasing in popularity all the time. This hair trend, like so many others was started with celebrities and has been making its way into hair salons across New Zealand ever since. Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba are two of the celebrities who love Balayage and have helped it become more popular than ever.

Balayage Hair Salon

Get great Balayage in Palmerston North at Alchemy & I. The experienced hair colourists in the team will be able to create the results you are looking for in luxury surroundings. Whether you decide to go for a subtle or bold Balayage look natural, healthy, and beautiful.