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Alchemy & I thrive on pioneering the very best experiences and outcomes in hair colouring. With extensive experience under their belts, our Alchemists will work with you to find a truly unique colour that expresses the real you. From golden blondes and coppery reds to balayage and full colour changes, we’re on hand to find the perfect shade and tone for you.

During your consultation, we’ll work with you to find the look of your dreams, using our unique creative alchemy to find a bespoke colour that works for you. All of our Alchemists use proven science to guide them in creating the perfect tonal match, including colour matching, face shape profiling and personality testing.

Then, it’s time to sit back and relax at our colouring bar. Our Alchemists ensure your transformation is as enjoyable as possible, even including a sublime head massage during your wash.

Global Colouring


Terms: We charge for over 8 weeks differently as colour has to be applied to the hair differently to create a perfect result. We do not undertake in colouring anyone’s hair that is under the age of 16.
Pregnancy is at the stylist’s discretion. No colour will take place unless a mandatory skin test has been applied a minimum of 48 hours prior to your hair appointment. A blow out is not included in your colour service and will need to be booked with your stylist or our Blow Bar Team.

Foil Colouring


Terms: A blow out is not included in your colour service and will need to be booked with your stylist or our Blow Bar Team.

Freehand Techniques

Terms: Prices are a guide, price will be finalised on consultation. We advise that most freehand techniques will require a toner depending on your desired results – should a toner be required, a surcharge of $30 will be added to your bill.

Colour Change

Light to Dark – on consultation only

Dark to Light – on consultation only

Terms: All prices for colour change are a starting price. No colour change can be booked without consultation and testing done with an Alchemist beforehand.

Colour Additives

Vitamin C Cleanse – 15 mins                          $20 – $40

We use the natural power of citrus to gently remove excess build-up of colour and pollutants.

Malibu C Wellness Hair Remedy – 15 mins    $20 – $40

We use the Malibu Wellness range to help us prepare your hair for colouring should you have a build-up of external pollutants that make your colour look dirty or muddy.

Olaplex – 15 mins                                           $40+

Chemical Forming


Terms: All new clients are required to have a consultation before booking any colour service. Any appointments with guest artists will require a non-refundable deposit of 50%. Any guest artist appointment pricing will be discussed by phone to give an approximate price and will be finalised by the guest artist during your consultation at the beginning of your appointment.

Colouring FAQs

Do I have to come in for a consultation before a colour treatment?

We ask that all clients join us for a consultation before a colouring treatment as it ensures we can create the perfect outcome for you. We’ll work with you to find the perfect hair colour, while also assessing your hair’s condition and build up to finalise an exact quote on price and time.

How long will a colour appointment last?

It can depend on different things, including the length of hair being coloured and the type of treatment being applied, but they typically last for 1-3 hours, while balayage can take between 3-5 hours. Major changes, such as going from light to dark and visa versa, will take much longer, and in some cases, achieving the perfect colour can take a couple of appointments.

Can you give me a quote over the phone?

We can give you a guide price over the phone or on email for how long your desired treatment will last. However, our stylists will only be able to provide an exact quote when they are able to evaluate your hair in person.

Why is it important to get a skin test before hair colouring?

Even if you have been getting your hair coloured for years, it is essential to get a skin test before having your hair coloured for the first time with us, and every six months after that. Allergies can develop at any time as the body is always changing, so for your safety, we request that you have a skin test at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Allergic reactions can range from very mild, itchy scalp to more severe reactions, so it really is crucial to monitor your reactions.

How often should I colour my hair?

The frequency can be different for everyone as you’ll need to consider different factors such as hair growth and colour fade. However, clients should return every 4-6 weeks to top up their colours.

How can I make my colour last?

Always use the right products for your hair. We recommend Home Care which are perfect for preventing fading on colour treated hair. Also, try to only rinse your hair with cool water, avoid too much sun exposure and style your hair with minimal heat.

How important is aftercare for my hair colour?

Aftercare is crucial for ensuring your colour lasts. The hair colouring process involves opening the hair’s cuticles to trap pigment. So, once treatment has finished, the cuticles will need to be closed again. However, this can leave the hair feeling more vulnerable for the first week or two afterwards, so aftercare will help protect the hair while also speeding up the cuticle closing process.

I’m pregnant – can I still book in for a colour treatment?

It’s understandable to be apprehensive about booking in for a colour service while pregnant or breastfeeding. However, if all of the normal procedures are followed, such as skin testing, it will be safe to colour your hair.

I’m going on holiday – should I book my hair appointment before or after?

We recommend that you book your hair appointment for after your holiday as spending lots of time in the sunshine, or in a pool, can impact on hair that’s freshly coloured. If you do decide to go away, we recommend booking in for a reconditioning treatment on your return as this can breathe new life into hair impacted by changing environments.

What is the difference between tints and foils?

A tint is when a colour is applied all over your scalp and hair, while foils are an off-scalp application that is used mostly for highlights or specific colour placements.

What is a toner?

A toner is used when you’ve had bleach or highlights and works to even out any unwanted tones in the colour. It also works to blend highlights and balayage for a perfect finish and, for white hair, toners will be key in helping you to maintain the colour.

What is colour build up? Will it affect my hair colour?

Colour build is when any type of colour has been put in your hair in the past. Even if you can no longer see it, it can still impact on the results of a new colour, leading to unevenness in the overall colour. We’ll remove colour build up in stages, ensuring you get the perfect colour without damaging your hair.

Why can blonde hair sometimes change to appear to be green?

As blonde doesn’t contain a lot of pigment, it can be more absorptive. As such, if your blonde is exposed to things such as the chemicals in a swimming pool, the oxidisation process causes them to bind with your hair, leaving it with a green tinge.

Why is red hair more likely to fade?

The colouring pigment in red dyes is smaller than in others, meaning it is more likely to fade quicker. This is a process which can be sped up by exposure to the sun as the hair will bleach and soften.

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