While you could probably spot someone with highlights, lowlights are a bit trickier to identify. The Alchemists at Alchemy & I hair salon in Palmerston North are experts in the hair techniques you need to get the look you want, including lowlights.

So, what are lowlights, and how can they be used to add depth to your hair colour? We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What Are Lowlights?

It’s a technique that involves dying strands of hair in a slightly darker shade than the rest of your hair. It adds natural depth and dimension to your hair without being too obvious and helps to break up a solid block of colour. Like highlights, they are achieved using foils. However, rather than lightening your hair, it darkens it.

Lowlights are great if you want to switch up your look a little without committing to anything too drastic. You can also use it as a way to test going for a darker colour later on down the line.

Are Lowlights Damaging To Your Hair?

Any kind of hair colouring technique can be damaging to your hair, but low lights are no more damaging than highlights. As long as you mitigate hair colouring with conditioning treatments and good hair practices, you won’t have to worry.

Who Are Lowlights For?

Lowlights are great for most hair types. Whether you have poker-straight hair or wild curls, waist-length hair or a bob – anyone can benefit from lowlights if they want to add depth and texture to their hair. Lowlights also work well for both blondes and brunettes.

Can I Get Highlights And Lowlights Together?

Yes! In fact, this is a really great strategy for a more natural style. Highlights can be strategically placed with low lights to create beautiful looks – for example, caramel blonde with darker blonde, ashy blonde with lowlights – there are lots of creative combinations you can try. Skin tone can play a big part here, as some colours suit certain skin tones more than others. It’s worth asking your hair stylist about this, as well as looking at celebrities with similar skin colouring to you. This can help you to identify the shades that will suit you, too.

You can also use highlights and lowlights to frame your face – lighter shades nearest to your face with darker tones further back can be flattering and pretty for a lot of people.

How Can I Take Care Of My Lowlights?

Like any other colouring technique, you can ensure the results last longer by taking care of your hair. We’d always recommend using deep conditioning treatments (like a hair mask) once a week, which can help your hair to stay strong and shiny. You can also look for shampoo and conditioner that are designed to protect dyed hair. It’s also a good idea, where you can, to avoid using heated styling tools, to help protect your hair from heat damage. If that’s not an option, make sure you use a heat protection spray!